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                                       BRAIN INJURY AWARENESS 

Message from our Founder/CEO - Twylia G. Reid, BS, Business Administration

Published Author, Speaker, Minister, Empowerment Coach, Brain Injury Advocate, Radio Host, Caregiver, Mom, Wife, 20-Year Retired Army Veteran

Thank you for visiting BROKEN WINGS, INC.  We want you to feel right at home.  Offering a safe place for others to express their highs and lows that accompany brain injury is our mission.  Our dream is for you to have a place to learn and grow as you learn new strategies to help you deal with the life changes your are experiencing, and share your thoughts about the challenges of brain injury.  Whether you are a survivor, caregiver, family member, advocate, or healthcare professional, you are welcome.  You are not alone as you travel this journey of brain injury.  As fellow travelers, we can encourage each other as we all press forward and work together to make a difference in the field of brain injury. Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to our Broken Wings Family!

Mission Statement

BROKEN WINGS, INC. offers survivors of brain injury and their families the hope of continued recovery through the provision of providing location and contact information for outpatient counseling, education, and connection to community resources.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to partner brain injury survivors and their caregivers with one another and to collaborate with healthcare professionals who provide services addressing emotional, cognitive, and vocational counseling needed for continued recovery.